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Syllabi for the courses offered for the 2010 Spring Semester can be downloaded below.

AIS 101 English for Asian Studies 1, Speaking and Listening

This course is designed to provide practical English for both undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Asian Studies. Native English instructors provide intensive English speaking and listening environments to prepare the students to maximize their English abilities.

AIS 201 English for Asian Studies 2, Writing

This course provides the students opportunity to aquire sufficient ability to compose different forms of academic papers in English,i.e. essays, reports, reviews, etc. This course is taught by native English instructors.

AIS 301 English for Asian Studies 3, Advanced Speaking and Listening

This course is designed to provide upper level practical English for both undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Asian Studies. Native English instructors provide intensive English speaking and listening environments to prepare the students to maximize their English abilities.

AIS 401 English for Asian Studies 4, Advanced Writing

This course provides the students opportunity to aquire sufficient ability to compose different forms of academic papers in English,i.e. essays, reports, reviews, etc. This course is taught by native English instructors.

AIS 402 Comparative Studies in Asian History

The purpose of this course is to provide the history of the Korean penninsula with particular emphasis on Korea's relations with China and Japan. Since being within the traditional sphere of Chinese civilizatition, Korea shares certian forms of culture, political and social structures with other Asian countires. But a comparative study will delineate those features, which make Korea distict. To achieve this goal, this course consists of two major parts: lecture and presentations followed by discussions on various articles.

AIS 403 Understanding Global Society

This class is designed to introduce a range of issues around globalisation which is one of the most controversial phenomena of the past two decades. This course will address the tricky questions regarding various positive and negative perspectives towards cultural and economic globalisation, especially in East Asia. It will explore the political-economy of globalisation, space economy through global cities, and the concept of the nation-state as well as transnationalism by focusing contemporary visual culture produced in Asia.

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AIS 404 Introduction to International Relations

This course offers a theoretical overview of various aspects of international relations, ranging from historical developments to contemporary global issues in international politics, with particular attention to the Asia-Pacific region.

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AIS 405 International Law

This course provides an introduction to the basic principles of public international law. It will focus on how our world is affected by international law and the major developments in the field. We will analyze such issues as state responsibility, human rights, international environmental law, the plight of former dictators like Milosevic and Pinochet, the NATO bombings of Serbia, genocide, the United Nations and the recent interventions in regions such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Many of these issues will be explored through case studies of recently developing areas of international law.

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AIS 406 Introduction to Microeconomics

This course is about elementary principles of economics: the economic problems and the price system, the theory of demand, the theory of production and the firm, the the theory of supply, and the interaction of supply and demand. Specifically it deals with determination of prices and their role in directing consumption, production and distribution under both competitive and noncompetitive market situations.

AIS 407 Introduction to Macroeconomics

This course studies essential macroeconomic issues such as national income, inflation, unemployment, income distribution, and economci growth. Some theoretical models are used to anallyze these issues. Thoughtful empirical works and case studies for testing the theoretical models and their policy implications are also introduced.

AIS 408 Introduction to Statistics

The primary objective of this course is to present a comprehensive and easy introduction to statistics. Statistical concepts, models, theories, methods and data processing/describing skills are presented. While studying statistics, students can read, interpret, understand and criticize various types of statistics, indices, and graphs in everyday life, academic disciplines, and occupations. For the qualitative and effective learning of this course, students will be motivated by presenting rich contexts relating to the real world and using statistical software packages such as MS-Excel.

AIS 409 International Trade and Finance

In international transactions, many dilemmas exist. Taking trade as an example, one of the most fundamental dilemmas faced is that an importer and exporter who would like to conduct business with each other live in different countries that are located far apart. Hence, they are in a different social, political, and economic environment and come from culture that have different sets of standards for honoring business obligations. In a macro-approach, the first part of the course focuses on the existing international norm and order aimed at overcoming this dilemma. This involves a close examination of the dynamics of financial markets and its products. In the latter part, we take on a micro-approach and discuss the technicalities of trade settlement tools such as letter of credit and non-letter of credit payment. The course is designed to equip students with general understanding of the international trade barriers practices and systems required to carry out business transactions in the global trade order.

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AIS 410 International Business Environment

The objectives of this course are as follows: to introduce key concepts and issues related to current global trends that affect the international business environment and business practices, to provide insight into the management of global business at a practical level, to equip students with knowledge and skills required to fully understand and analyze recent global changes and their implications for international business.

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AIS 411 The Political Economy of East Asian Film Festivals

Since Venice, Italy, under Mussolini, film festivals have played a significant role in introducing national film culture within a global exchange system. Enmeshed in a set of cultural politics aimed at promoting cultural diversity, they importantly help to brand films nationally and circulate them across the borders of the nation-state. The recent proliferation of film festivals in East Asia such as Busan (South Korea), Singapore and Bangkok is of particular interest and requires attention since the role festivals within the ongoing globalization of thte region emerges from and creates a distinctive cultural-political context.

The course specifically focuses on how the Busan International Film Festival (PIFF) attempts to differentiate itself from the others in the region, like the Hong Kong and Tokyo film festivals. It explores the festivals' vital role in the linking with its national and regional film industries as the first step to descovering the unexplored roles and functions that film festivals play in the global economy.

AIS 412 Issues on Global Society

The international socety is continuing to undergo conflicts and war even in the 21st Century. Students will be led to explore the core issues of these problems and the tasks necessary to achieve a peaceful international society. To achieve this goal, the course will provide lecture and dicusion on politics, diplomacy, economics, cultural issues including the enviornment, science, and technology of the contemporary global society.

AIS 413 Criminal Psychology

The purpose of this course is to enhance crime prevention and investigatioin skills though the understanding of criminal psychology. The class addresses issues related to the criminal mind adn abnormal behavior involved in crime. This course specifically focuses on topics of how behavior is learned and on theories in psychology that provide suggestions as to why people engage in criminal activity.

AIS 414 Teaching Methodology

This course is designed to apply knowledge in foreign language (L2) aquisition for teaching English asa foreign language. It is intended for both novice English teachers as well as experienced English teachers who need to learn current L2 acquisition research centering on L2 acquisition theories, teaching methods, and languages testing. Students with previous linguistics, psychology, education, or L2 aqusition studies are welcomed.

AIS 415 Introduction to Psychotherapy and Counseling

This course introduces students to the field of counseling and psychotherapy. Basic conepts of psychology are presented. Building and maintaining a helping relationship, marriage and family therapy, and group counseling are issues that are covered. Issuses of ethics and liability are also discussed. There will be several field trips to counseling agencies. This course gies the student an overview of psychotherapy and counseling, which should assist the student in understanding basic tools utilized by helping professionals.

AIS 416 An Introduction to Documentary Film

This course will introduce students to the history and theory of documentary cinema. Students will analyze documentary styles that have evolved throughout film history: expository, observational, interactive, reflective, and assorted hybrids. Students will apply their learning through the production of a personal documentary and critical essay.

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AIS 417 Crime and Accident Case Studies

As an exchange student, it is important to recognize the nature of crime to protect yourself from criminal behavior in a foreign country. This course's essential debates revolve around theories of criminal psychology, as illustrated by case studies.

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AIS 418 Global Strategies of Korean Businesses

By introducing and discussing successful Korean entrepreneurs and their approaches to business, students will explore factors determining success and failure of Korean businesses, as well as different business cultures and global strategies. Students will be encouraged to apply their learning toward practical entrepreneurial efforts as they build contacts with Korean businesses.

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AIS 419 Cultural Industries in East Asia

The popular culture and consumer product industries in East Asia are moving beyond national boundaries and enjoying regional and global success as never before. But are flows of Korean TV dramas and mobile phones, Japanese anime and cosmetics, Taiwanese computers, Chinese films and Hong Kong pop music producing transnational regional culture, nationalistic backlash, or both? Do they result from reduced trade barriers and a lessening of nation-state power, or are they driving by national policy? As a multi-disciplinary introduction to regional culture phenomena by embracing both Cultural Studies and Cultural Industries approaches to this issue, this course repositions the concept of East Asia not from a perspective of the West, but rather from within Asia itself.

The focus of this theoretical and practical course will be on how East Asian film culture has recently developed and achieved global visibility by looking at their relations to the prestigious Western film festivals and institutional cultural policies since the 1990s. In particular, this course will cover the recent development of film industries in East Asia as well as explore the contemporary political and economic history in Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and India.

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AIS 420 The Ethics and Knowledge-base for Human Service Professions

The ultimate goal of the course is to acquaint students with a basic understanding of human service profession, especially social work. The ethics and knowledge-base of social work will be introduced for students to capture the unique features of the social work profession. In addition, some basic concepts wand theories of moral philosophy and epistemology, the study of justified belief, will be provided to help students to complete the course.

AIS 421 International Relations in East Asia

The class will review the current international relations in Eas Asia, international legal and political system governing the political behaviors of the countries in the region, and will trace back the major events in East Asia from the opening of China, Japan and Korea to the end of World War II. For a deep understanding of present situation, major political events in China, Japan and Korea together with the influence of surrounding powers will also be covered, thus enabling the students to have a clear vision for the future of East Asia.

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AIS 422 Korea and the United Nations

The course aims to help students develop a broad understanding on how the United Nations system works in the actual contemporary world politics, on the major issues currently dealt with by the UN, and on how the UN has been involved in the issues related to Korea from the early years of its foundation up to the present time. The professor is a former Korean diplomat with wide ranging experiences with the issues.

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AIS 423 Korea - American Relations

This is an English lecture course on the historical survey on Korean-American relations from 19th century to present. It consists of 2 parts: Lecture and Presentations/discussions.

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AIS 424 North and South Korea

The course deals with the history of two Koreas covering from the end of the World War II to the present. It includes such historical events as the establishment of two Korean governments, Korean War, Development of Korean Economy, South- North Relations and the North Korean Nuclear issue,etc.

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