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Cultural Internship

ISK S01 Cultural Internship (6 credits)

This special course is designed to provide practical training for exchange students. The 쏥lobal Exchange Internship program of Soonchunhyang University meets once a week, however the majority of the credits are made up from activities outside of the classroom.

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뿃 Korean Language Classes

International students are offered with Korean Speaking and Korean Writing classes in three different levels; Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced.
In the classes, Students learn practical conversational Korean in Speaking and Writing.
Students will be placed based on a placement test during the orientation.

ISK S06 Korean Speaking 1
ISK S07 Korean Speaking 2
ISK S08 Korean Speaking 3
ISK S09 Korean Writing 1
ISK S10 Korean Writing 2
ISK S11 Korean Writing 3

뿃 Cultural Courses (optional)  Select one

ISK S02 Beginning Korean Dance - 1 credit

This introductory class focuses on traditional dance of Korea, It offers students an opportunity to learn about the artistic and cultural life of the Korean people. Traditionally, music and dance have always been a part of the daily life in Korean culture. Focusing on principles and techniques that provide the foundation for understanding 쏫orean aesthetics is a key aspect of the this course.. Attention to breathing from the abdomen, fullness of shoulders and balancing of chung joong dong(rest amidst motion which is perpetually unmoved in the mind while constantly moving with the world) are all aspects of Korean dance.

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ISK S03 Korean Traditional Percussion (Samulnori)	1 credit

This course is a fun opportunity to learn about one of Korea셲 most interesting traditions in music. Each student chooses their own percussion instrument and learns how to work as a team to produce amazing rhythms. At the end of the semester a final presentation of abilities learned through the course will be shown at the closing ceremony.

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ISK S04 Korean Calligraphy (1 credit)

Calligraphy is the artistic form of writing. This course is to provide students with hands on learning of the unique traditional art. Students will learn practice and create their own artistic works through this course.

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ISK S05 Korean Traditional Martial Arts (Taekwondo) 1 credit

This course teaches students the basics of Taekwondo such as blocks, punches, kicks, and forms. This class also shows you a brief history of Taekwondo.

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