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ISS 301 : Introduction to Korean History

This course is designed to introduce Korean history to students. This course deals with 5,000 years of Korean history from ancient periods to contemporary issues. The course examines Korean political, social and cultural development in a chronological manner.

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Political and Economic Development of Modern Korea

This course deals with political history in Korean peninsula, focusing mainly on the division of the north and the south. The objective of this course is to understand how Koreans got to the national division and how they cope with the political problems caused by colonialism and ideological conflict. This course will give students opportunities to figure out the future direction of the Korean peninsula by understanding what has taken place in the Korean peninsula the last 100 years.

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ISS 303 : Modern History of Korea

The aim of this course is to introduce the social and cultural characteristics of Korea to the foreign students to understand the Korea better while Korean students learn how to express her/his cultural heritage in English.

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ISS 401 : Understanding Global Society

The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the international society of globalization. Various global issues will be discussed in the class including environment, poverty, technology and science, culture as well as other issues such as terrorism. It aims to provide knowledge for the students to understand the issues of the contemporary world to create a kind and peaceful world of the twenty-first century.

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ISS 402 : Crime and Accident Case Studies

This courses aim is to recognize the nature of crime. It looks at criminal behavior in foreign countries and ways to protect oneself while in a foreign country. The essential debate revolves around the study of criminal psychology through looking at various case studies.

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ISS 403 : Understanding Korean Society

This course deals with the following areas of modern Korean society: Class and Inequality; Deviance and Crime; Demography and Population (fertilization, mortality & migration); and Marriage and Family. This course provides overall knowledge and understanding of contemporary Korean society.

ISS 404 : Korean Entertainment

A cultures entertainment says a great deal about the culture, from history and development to cultural norms, values, and beliefs. Influenced by a history filled with tradition, intrigue, and conflict, Korean entertainment is unique in the world. In this course students will explore the types of entertainment in Korea, its origins and history, and its continuing influence in an increasingly global climate. Students will also learn how Korean entertainment has evolved uniquely despite its proximity to the rest of Asia, and how it continues to evolve on the world stage.

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ISS 405 : Juvenile Delinquency

The purpose of this course is to identify the many diverse views and perspectives that characterize the study of juvenile delinquency and to include updated data and information of juvenile delinquency to discuss. Moreover, the course will maintain balance of theory, law, policy, and practice so that students will be able to understand the juvenile justice system when discussing current issues of juvenile delinquency.

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ISS 406 : The Theory of Private Security

Security Operations is an introduction to conducting private security operations in high risk areas and war zones. Veteran special forces soldiers and private security consultants provide a broad overview of the many topics related to private security including threat assessment, risk management, client relations, surveillance detection, counter surveillance operations, foot and vehicle movements, building security, and the duties of the various personnel and teams. necessary to conducting a successful private security operation.

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Comparative Studies in East Asia

This course provides the history of the Korean peninsula with particular emphasis upon Korea's relations with China & Japan. Since being within the traditional sphere of Chinese civilization, Korea shares certain forms of cultural, political and social structure with other Asian countries. But a comparative study will delineate those features which make Korea distinct. While doing so, the course provides the historical development of China, Japan and Korea since the 14th century.

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Culture and History of Korea

This is an introductory course for the historical understanding of Korean culture and society. From the beginning of the Korean civilization to present day, it deals with important cultural and social development to understand the distinctive characteristics of the Korean culture and society. The main theme of this course is the Korea's efforts for the reconciliation between outside cultural influence and her own tradition.

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