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Global Village Lounge

The Global Village Lounge provides a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for international and Korean students alike to study, eat, play games, or just hang out. The lounge is complete with a cozy couch and three microwaves. There is also high speed wireless Internet for students who wish to use their laptops while spending time there on evenings or weekends. In short, the lounge provides students with a "living room" type place to go while they reside in the Global Village.

Student Lounge, School of Global Education & Exchange

Conveniently located next to the School of Global Education & Exchange (SGEE) office, this relaxing room is a useful place to pass time, do homework, and meet friends. This lounge serves a number of purposes for both international and Korean students.It is a place where students usually meet their exchange partners. Students may utilize computers with high-speed wireless Internet during breaks in their day.

These computers also allow students to print any materials they need for class or other reasons. There is also a beautiful LCD television with cable permitting students to keep up with world news, sports, and shows. Students can also stay up to date on current events since the lounge is complete with newspapers in both Korean and English and it contains various magazines. Korean students may find useful information on study abroad programs here as well.