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Year Semester Deadline Date
2015 Spring November 7, 2014
Fall April 30, 2015
2016 Spring November 6, 2015
Fall April 29, 2016

Students who wish to participate in the Study Abroad Program should first contact the exchange program coordinator at their home universities. Please click here to see our sister universities.

Part 1. Preparation of the following documents

- You need to gather the following documents/information

  • Scanned Letter of Nomination Form
    - This form must be completed and signed by the Exchange/Study Abroad Advisor at your home institution.

    Download Nomination Form

  • Medical Form
    - You can fill in the medical form yourself

    Download Medical Form

  • Personal Statement

    Download Personal Statement

  • Official University Transcript (in English)
    - An unofficial transcript or a transcript printed from the internet is not acceptable
  • Scanned image of your passport (optional)
    - A passport is NOT required to apply for admission. However, a passport is required to issue an acceptance
      letter for your visa if you are accepted혻into혻the program.
CCIE students, please have the nomination form signed by Rosalind Raby,

Part 2. Filling out the online application and uploading the documents above

The transcript, passport photo and information page, and the Nomination Letter need to be ' PDF ' files.

In case you want to edit your application, go to the link below, enter your password, change what you need to and then click SAVE again.

For혻detailed instructions, please refer to the instructions below
Instructions on how to fill out the form

Part 1. Simply fill out the online application and submit it.

Part 2. Following the submission, you need to download a nomination form and have it signed by the Study Abroad
advisor (or equivalent) from your home university.

Download Nomination Form

Part 3. Submit the signed form to Asian Studies Coordinator in person.