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Step 1

Gather the following documents/information

1. Your official university transcript (an unofficial student copy is not acceptable)
2. Your passport
   A passport is NOT required to apply for admission. However, a passport is required to issue
   an acceptance letter for your visa if you are accepted to the program.

Step 2

SCAN the following documents into an electronic format such as PDF:

1.Letter of Nomination Form; this form must be completed and signed by the Exchange/Study Abroad Advisor at your home institution.

data download See Letter of Nomination Form
2. Your official university transcript; include all pages.
3. Scanned image of your passport if you have one.


Step 3

DOWNLOAD, FILL OUT and SAVE the following documents as Microsoft Word documents:
Medical Form
Personal Statement

data download

Step 4

Send one EMAIL of all your documents exactly as follows: (Note sending documents in multiple emails may delay the processing of your application)

Email address:
In the SUBJECT line write: STUDY ABROAD Your last name, your first name.
Attach four (4) separate files (five files if you currently have a passport):

Scanned image of Letter of Nomination Form
Scanned image of official university transcript
Medical Form (Microsoft Word document)
Personal Statement (Microsoft Word document)
Scanned image of your passport page with your picture (if you have a passport)

Step 5

Fill out the online form below and click 'send' button at the bottom of the form.

Personal Information
Last Name
First Name
Permanent Mailing Address
Street and apartment number
City, State
Postal(Zip) Code
Phone Number
(including country code)
Email Address
Date of Birth (yy/mm/dd)
Birthplace (city/country)
National Citizenship
Academic Information
Name of the Institution
You are currently attending
City and country of institution
You are currently attending
G.P.A (4.0 scale)
Indicate which semester
you are applying for
   ( 20 )


Step 6